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Dr Danielle D'Mello

Chartered Counselling Psychologist

Psychological therapy tailored to your needs.

Psychological therapy draws on scientific research of the mind and human behaviour to support a person towards their personal goals. This involves helping the person achieve a greater understanding of themselves, their problems and how to overcome them. Many people seek psychological therapy at some point in their life, whether it is to target a specific problem, work through something in their past, or help them to move their life more in line with their values. 

Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered psychologist Danielle draws on her experience in the National Health Service (NHS), private and charity sector to offer psychological therapy in central London to individuals and couples for support with anxiety, depression, stress, self-esteem and self-image, interpersonal difficulties and sexuality.




Liverpool Street


Problems psychological therapy can help with.


Anxiety is a normal, healthy reaction to stressful, unpleasant or frightening events and most people experience anxiety at various points throughout their life. However, sometimes anxiety can start to feel overwhelming or become a barrier to being able to live your lives in the way you want. Accessing psychological therapy can enable you to explore what may be causing your anxiety and teach you skills to overcome your difficulties.

Self-esteem and self-image

Problems in self-esteem and self-image can stem childhood experiences or be triggered by difficult time in your life such as a relationship or work problem. You may feel that low self-esteem or self-image issues are preventing you from reaching your potential or affecting you in other ways, such as depression, drink and drugs or eating problems. Often, low self-esteem and self-image is underpinned by self criticism - you may struggle with a sense that what you do is never good enough. Psychological therapy can help you become more aware of what may be contributing to these problems and teach you how to develop a more compassionate attitude towards yourself that can not only make you feel happier, but enable you to fulfil your potential.  


Depression is characterised by feelings of low mood. This may feel like overwhelming sadness, but it may also be experienced as a sense of numbness and inability to enjoy or engage with life. Psychological therapy can provide a safe space in which to explore these feelings, consider what may be underlying them and help you to move towards greater well-being.

Interpersonal difficulties

Interpersonal difficulties cover a wide range of problems, including romantic/sexual relationships, family dynamics and work-place problems. Psychological therapy can provide a space for you to consider what might be happening in your relationships and how you may resolve them. 


Stress is a common complaint of people living in London and sometimes people's busy lives leave them feeling overwhelmed, exhausted unable to make time to take care of themselves. It may seem counter-intuitive to fit something else into your schedule if you are feeling this way, but psychological therapy can allow you to carve a space in which you can feel safe and supported. This can allow you to develop skills in managing stress as well as learning to identify and respect your own boundaries.


Many people seek psychological support for issues around their sexuality, whether exploring their own identify, coming out to family, friends or work colleagues, or considering life changes in which their sexuality is a factor, such as starting a family. For many, their social or cultural background has an impact on how these issues present. Danielle strives to understand a person's life from their individual perspective, and many people find accessing support from a therapist who identifies as a lesbian and BEM useful. 



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